Two Killed, 7 Injured During Violent Memphis Weekend

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(Memphis) Two people are dead and 7 others wounded in two separate shooting incidents in the city of Memphis over the weekend.

According to Memphis Police the first shooting happened Saturday morning at 3697 Wolfe Trail Lane.

MPD reported an argument erupted in gunfire, leaving two men dead and two others, including one suspect injured.

Neighbors are comparing the Frayser neighborhood to Chicago.

“It’s too much. It’s just every week; it’s a lot of killing and shooting. I don’t know where we going with it,” said Walter Sledge.

MPD have arrested two men. 22 year-old Jackie Spears in charged with first degree murder.

Twenty-four year-old Kelcie Stewart is charged with attempted murder.

Stewart was treated and released after being hit by one of the bullets.

On Saturday morning, 5 women were shot inside Club Venue at 2514 Mount Moriah.

The police report said 24-year-old Sundra Payne was in a fight when she pulled out a gun and began shooting.

Many of the victims were not related to the fight; however they are all expected to be okay.

At the time this story was posted, MPD continue to search for Payne.

Mayor A C Wharton said the fight against violence needs to focus on illegal guns and not on guns in general.

“Guns don’t jump off shelves and hurt folks. When they get in the wrong hands, at the wrong place, at the right time you got a problem and that’s what we are going after,” said Wharton.

He proposes harsher penalties for those who use illegal weapons.

“I don’t care where you steal it from: a gun dealer or from a residence, which by the way is a major source of the guns in the streets. We have to make it almost unthinkable to steal a gun,” said Wharton.

Wharton also wants to start a campaign teaching kids in schools what to do if they find gun and encouraging domestic violence victims to get guns out of their homes.

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