Two homes collapsed in landslide along the Tennessee River. Now a road is in danger too


HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Two homes collapsed over the weekend in a landslide along the Tennessee River, according to the Hardin County Fire Department, and now a nearby road is in danger too.

Both houses were in danger of collapsing when firefighters responded Saturday evening to an area known as Chalk Bluff, the Hardin County Fire Department said in a Facebook post. One home was occupied, and firefighters safely evacuated the homeowners from the property, which is about 100 miles northeast of Memphis.

An hour later, the vacant house collapsed down the steep bank, Hardin County fire officials said. The Hardin County Fire Department captured the moment that home collapsed down the rain-soaked bluff.

By Sunday afternoon, the second home was also swept into the Tennessee River, Hardin County fire officials said.

Glendale Road, where the homes fell, began to collapse Monday, the fire department said. The department posted aerial videos showing the destruction.

In a post shared by the Hardin County Fire Department on their Facebook page, The Courier reported that the landslide has resulted in the permanent closure of the road.

“We’re never going to be able to reopen this section, it’s just too dangerous. It’s not a matter of fixing it – it’s going to have to be moved completely,”  they quoted Hardin County Highway Department Superintendent Steve Cromwell as saying.

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