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DYER COUNTY, Tenn. — Two Newbern police officers remain in a Memphis hospital after they were shot while on the job in Dyer County.

The officers and a civilian were rushed to the hospital Monday morning following a shooting at a Dyer County nightclub.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, an altercation broke out during a New Year’s Eve party at Douglas Cafe (Betty’s) on Smith Street around 3 a.m.

Shots were already being fired when the officers arrived on the scene.

The officers and another person were injured and taken to Regional Medical Center in Memphis for treatment.

William Bryant’s mom lives close to the club.

He says he panicked when he heard the news.

“I just got nervous, because something could have happened. You know a stray bullet could have went though her head,” Bryant said.

Luckily, his mother is okay.

“People need to stop the violence really. You know what I’m saying? Stop the violence. Stop with the guns anyway,” Bryant said.

Bryant says police get called to Betty’s all the time.

A man who wanted to remain anonymous says things go wrong when visitors come in to town.

“Anytime you have outsiders coming in, that’s when I think things start to happen,” the Newbern resident said.

He calls what happened a tragedy.

“It’s crazy. I mean, it’s like nobody can get together and have a good time without anybody getting into it and fighting with people.”

The TBI said the individuals’ conditions have not been released, but the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office told WREG the officers are in stable condition.

Friends and family identified one of the officers as Cranston Fisk.

One person has been taken into custody. Two more are still at large, the sheriff’s department said.