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(Memphis) The newspaper called “Just Busted” is causing more problems.

Now, a Memphis woman says her husband is pictured in this week’s publication but he’s been dead since February.

On top of that, his picture is listed under someone else’s name.

Tuesday, News Channel 3 told you about Chrishun Moore under “Deadbeat Parents.”

He’s been dead for two years.

The guy pictured right next to him, Joe Howell, is also dead.

“He was shot multiple times,” said his widow, Jewana Howell, who says her husband was robbed and killed the day after Valentine’s Day.

Howell says she got the news about the publication in the most untimely way.

She was at a ceremony Monday honoring Memphis murder victims, including her husband, when she got a text message that her late husband’s picture was in the paper.

“I was already upset seeing his picture on a quilt and see them put his picture across the screen and then to receive a text that he is in the Just Busted paper and he’s not here? Under someone else’s name? That’s just a terrible feeling.”

Her late husband’s face is under Lorenzo Ford’s name in the paper.

He’s labeled as a deadbeat parent, which Juwana says is untrue of her husband of seven years and father of her three children.

“He did whatever he could for his children.”

Joe Howell’s face is right next to that of Chrishun Moore, who died two years ago.

“I think its negligence. I really think it’s negligence,” said Moore’s mother, Shuana Jones.

It turns out, juvenile court issued warrants for both of their arrests after they died.

We found the proof on the Shelby County Warrant website.

The State issued warrants for Howell and Moore about a month after they passed away.

As for how Juwana’s husband got labeled as “Lorenzo Ford,” who in real life is a 52-year-old man.

The editor of “Just Busted” tells News Channel 3 that it was his mistake.

Juwana calls the whole thing inexcusable, “Because he is not coming back and for them to have him in the paper like he is here? That is hurtful.”

We asked juvenile court why it’s issuing warrants for people who aren’t alive and officials there say it’s because the company that collects child support payments for Shelby County, Maximus, isn’t informing them these people have passed away.