MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two adults reportedly showed up to a Nutbush high school with guns on Wednesday evening, authorities say.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. at 3925 Chelsea Avenue. The address corresponds with Memphis Academy of Health Sciences High School.

Police was told by school security that Johnathon Stevenson, who is not a student, showed up at school with what appeared to be an object in his waistband.

It turned out to be a 9mm handgun, police say.

As he was detained, authorities say Aaliyah Taylor, who is an acquaintance of Stevenson, approached the officers. 

She was also checked for weapons and investigators say they found a handgun in her purse. 

The security officer told police there was an altercation of on campus earlier that day but police did not release any information regarding the parties involved.

Memphis police say Taylor and Stevenson also have a temporary order of protection that was issued on April 10th.

Stevenson and Taylor were both charged with carrying a weapon on school property.