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(Olive Branch, MS) A short vine video has DeSoto County parents buzzing. It shows two Olive Branch High teachers, um… “twerking”.

The dance made famous by Miley Cyrus took place in a classroom, and that’s got parents concerned.

”Yes, they shouldn’t be teaching my children how to twerk at all. That’s not good” said Michelle Davis.

But students in the class say, the video is not at all what it appears.

”They were dancin’ and sayin’ what kids these days do and what they, like, shouldn’t be doin’. They were just, like, lightening up the mood” said Ryan Sanders.

Olive Branch High Principal Allyson Killough backed that up in a statement, saying;

“The two teachers had good intentions to show how silly students look when they dance in inappropriate ways. This video was taken out of context.”

And in these days of social media, that can happen with lighting speed.

The video went viral late last week and even landed on a Facebook page often critical of DeSoto Schools. The administrator of that page took it down after it sparked a rash of threatening and off-color language.

Many said the teachers didn’t have to demonstrate “twerking” to warn students against it.

”I definitely can see how parents can be over-reacting towards this” said one Olive Branch Student.

Now, it’s the teachers learning the lesson here, as taught by Principal Killough who said, “Our responsibility as teachers is to be a good example and act professionally. A video clip out of context can have multiple meanings and be misinterpreted”.

But if you ask students, people are making a too much out of something you can see on TV nearly every day.

”Definitely. They’re making a big deal outta nothing” said Sanders.

The teachers will face no discipline for the video, but it’s fair to say they probably won’t “twerk” in front of students, again.