Fourteen-car pileup at state line leaves one person dead

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An accident at the Tennessee-Mississippi state line involving 14 vehicles Monday left one person dead and three injured.

The accident happened at Stateline Road and Riverdale early Monday morning. While the accident occurred in Shelby County, the impact pushed several vehicles into Olive Branch.

According to authorities, one of the cars became pinned underneath an 18-wheeler and caught fire. That person became trapped inside.

Another vehicle flipped in the ditch and several others sustained severe damage.

Shante Brown, an employee at a nearby gas station, says she was just yards from the intersection when she saw the crash.

She said it appeared the tractor trailer was having trouble stopping. “The traffic was coming. It just kept hitting the cars, and then it just burst into flames. Customers were running trying to get the people out of the car.”

The identity of the victim has not been released.

The roads weren’t cleared until 4:30, nearly eight hours after the crash.

Investigators tell us it’s too late to tell if anyone will be charged.

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