TVA offers incentives to businesses, schools that install virus-killing technology

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The Tennessee Valley Authority is offering incentives to businesses and schools that install virus killing UV technology.

UVC light is a short wavelength ultraviolet light used around the world to disinfect air in hospitals and laboratories. Studies show it is 99.9 percent lethal to bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, TVA says the same technology is ideal for schools, offices and retail locations to help keep people healthy.

 “As the largest public power provider in America, a key focus for TVA is helping to keep our children and the public safe by supporting technologies that are proven to kill viruses,” said Jason Snyder, manager, TVA EnergyRight. “Schools and businesses realize they need solutions to purify indoor air, and we want to help them install it as they reopen.”  

According to Snyder, a TVA Preferred Partners Network professional can install germicidal lights into the ductwork of many existing commercial HVAC systems. Customers who use TVA’s provider network can receive a $30 per ton incentive toward the adoption of approved UV technologies that directly combat COVID-19. 

Contact your local power company or visit TVA’s website for more information.  

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