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TUNICA, Miss. —   In what very well could be their last board meeting, the Tunica County School District accepted their fate.

“We’ve had a very hard past four years. It’s been challenging,” said Board member Marilyn Young.

Failing test scores, mass resignations, and now a superintendent that’s resigned when asked to explain it all.

The governor called the situation here a state of emergency.

The state officially took over leadership of the district and parents WREG spoke to said it’s about time.

“In order for our kids to learn you have to have teachers. If we don’t have teachers, our kids can’t learn and we can’t move forward,” said one mother.

“They took way too long. They never answered us when we went to them in January. Our kids suffered from January to now,” said another.

Students protested Superintendent Steven Chandler when he fired their principal and groups rallied together asking for the state to investigate him.

News Channel 3 first reported dozens of violations in the failing district.

Now the whole Board could be replaced until the state figures out what’s next.

“It’s not one person. It’s the Board and the Superintendent. I take full responsibility for the part we played in it,” said Young.

She reminded us she voted against many of the Superintendents’ moves.

We tried to track down Chandler without luck.

Parents said whoever takes over they just want students put first.