TSA Cracks Down on Agent Thefts

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(Memphis) Airport security screeners are watching us, but who's watching them?

Two TSA committees will now investigate allegations of misconduct after nearly four hundred TSA agents have been fired for theft on the job.

TSA agent Ricky German was found guilty of stealing a lap top computer at Memphis international. 

His job was to make sure people didn't get through security with any weapons.

His heist sent him to prison.

“I think it`s a shame.  We come in here trusting their going to do their job.  They’re supposed to be protecting us and they’re taking stuff from us as their checking us in.  It`s a shameful thing to do,” said Scott Lindsey.

In a statement the security agency says 'TSA holds its employees to the highest ethical standards. 

The TSA has zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace and takes immediate action when allegations are substantiated.'

Agents have been accused of taking iPads and other valuable items accidentally left in the tray when people empty their pockets at security.

In response, the TSA created an office to investigate any possible cases of misconduct. They also have a program to teach employees workplace responsibility.

TSA officials also warn passengers  there is no need for you to take your iPad out of your carry on when you go through security. 

You can leave it in the carry on you put through the scanner.  That will reduce your risk of leaving it behind and it being stolen.

Brandon Reasor thinks the TSA does a great job most the time, as long as agents are being honest, “You would think the people here trying to protect our country would try to help out the people who leave stuff behind."

Eddie Weeks believes most agents know better, “I would think they were well-trained before they take their positions.  And I would think in the hiring process they would be screened."

The TSA says if you see any suspicious activity or think an item has been stolen you should call them immediately so they can look into it.

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