Troopers: Suspect applies for job during police chase

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BOSTON — What started out as a simple job interview quickly turned into a bizarre arrest that left managers at one Boston company shaking their heads in disbelief.

Calm and collected, cameras were rolling as Jose Jimenez entered Osprey Wireless seeking employment.

“Cool as a cucumber, no sweaty hands, clean shirt,” said manager Jeff Moran.

The two were talking about available jobs and filling out the application when Moran noticed Massachusetts State Troopers running around outside.

According to the agency, they were searching for the 26-year-old job seeker after he allegedly ran over a trooper’s foot while fleeing a traffic stop. Several days later, troopers tried to pull the same suspect over, but he once again reportedly refused to stop.

Officers discovered the car abandoned near Osprey Wireless and began searching the area looking for their man. They finally zeroed in on him when Brian Carpenter, another manager at the company, went outside to see what was going on.

“I described to him what he looked like. Then he showed me a picture and I said, ‘Yeah, that looks like him.'”

Eight minutes later, troopers made their way inside Osprey Wireless.

“They grab him! And he starts to tussle with him, and the other two come in, guns in hand, and they said to him, ‘You didn’t think that we weren’t gonna find you, did ya?”Moran told the news station.

Jimenez was charged with failure to stop, operating a motor vehicle after revocation, operating to endanger, speeding and the aforementioned assault charge.


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