Trio of robbers arrested, charges growing

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A band of accused robbers is in jail Friday after police caught up with the trio in a chase Thursday afternoon, and their list of charges keeps growing.

Police said Kenya Singleton, Calvin Barber and Shaun Smith seem to have masterminded a robbery scheme that didn’t just start with the robbing the Metro PCS on Elvis Presley Blvd. on Thursday.

“We are looking to see if they are involved in any other robberies across the city,” said Louis Brownlee with the Memphis Police Department. “We were able to charge them in three yesterday.”

Those three crimes include Thursday’s chase that ended with Singleton crashing in the getaway car and Barber and Smith trying to outrun police. Singleton and Barber were also accused of robbing a Mapco gas station on Summer Avenue in December.

“Our men and women work hard to take criminals like this off the street,” Brownlee said.  “Men and women who look to prey on businesses and people and make life hard.”

In the December crime, investigators said Singleton went in first to look around, and Barber came in after with a gun and held the business up. Just 10 days later, the two were linked to yet another crime that occurred in a similar way.

That crime was a Beauty Plaza on East Shelby Drive with the same approach: Singleton went in first to survey, then Barber came right behind her.

WREG went to where both Singleton and Barber live to see if family members had anything to say about a connection between the crimes, but no one answered at either residence.

Investigators said they will continue to work to see if the group may have committed more crimes.

“They work hard to connect the dots to see if there is a connection in crimes across the city and county,” Brownlee said.

With new information surfacing every day, they aren’t ruling out adding more charges if necessary.

Anyone with knowledge about these or other crimes the group could be connected to should call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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