Tree falls on Memphis woman’s porch as Laura moved through Mid-South


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The remnants of Hurricane Laura made a mess in parts of Memphis overnight. The rain flooded streets, and winds knocked down trees and power lines.

For Ruby Harris, who lives in the Nutbush neighborhood, it was a close call.

She told WREG’s Melissa Moon when she came outside part of the large oak in her yard was on the ground and on the front steps of her home.

“I heard a clap, saw lightening and came here, and the tree was down,” she said.

Harris had just talked to her daughter last night about how worried she was about the tree.

She said two years ago, another tree fell in her yard and just brushed the edge of her roof.

 “I’m so blessed it didn’t hit me or my house,” Harris said.

Harris said she just put a new roof on her house and knows Friday morning’s storm could have been catastrophic.

“Just so blessed,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one who had some problems early Friday morning. More than 7,500 MLGW customers were in the dark after the stormy weather.

During rush hour, drivers had to deal with some traffic lights that were out. Others had to watch out for water on the roadways and downed trees, like one that fell on East Parkway.

The City of Memphis said they had 19 requests from residents seeking help for downed trees.

There were no reports of any storm related injuries in Memphis

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