Tree damages three homes in Binghampton during Sunday night’s storm

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A tree fell, damaging three houses on Willford Street in Binghampton during Sunday night’s storm, adding to an already heavy workload for cleanup crews.

Luckily there were no injuries, but this storm comes just three weeks after one of the biggest power outages in Memphis history, and cleanup from that is still going on.

Jimmy Williams says his daughter lives in one of the houses the tree fell on; she was visiting him for Father’s Day when they got that dreadful call from her property manager.

“He said you got a tree down across your house and he said it’s still raining real hard,” said Williams.

Williams says the tree shot right through his daughter’s bathroom before hitting the house next door.

“The stomp of the tree shot backwards into the house next door, the lady in there had just gotten up from her desk and the tree came through to where she was sitting,” said Williams.

Paul Jenneman was home during the storm; that same oak just barely missed his house.

“It was very scary, it was a very powerful storm but it didn’t last long…it was only about five minutes,” said Jenneman.

As cleanup gets underway from Sunday’s storm, tree service companies are still working on jobs from the storm we had three weeks ago.

“Yes, we still have stuff to do in Frayser,” said Bill Robinson Owner of Cobra Tree Services.

So if you’re wondering why the debris hasn’t been cleared on your street, Robinson says jobs like this one can take half the day, all day or in some cases two days.

“We actually started on this job at 12:30 p.m. and it’s about to be 4:30 p.m. here pretty soon,” said Robinson. “That was a good five hours just to do that and we had a 40-ton crane out here.”

Also houses like one on Steele Street in Frayser where trees pounded the home take priority.

“I know the city is doing everything they can do and they’re way behind,” said Robinson. “If it’s an emergency like this was, then you put them in front of other people.

Private tree service companies can remove tree stumps and branches on the side of the road for a fee. The city of course does it at no cost, but they tell us it may take until August to remove all of the debris.

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