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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group of treasure hunters found a batch of guns in a Memphis canal Friday afternoon.

They say most appear to be BB guns but one is a 9-millimeter Smith and Wesson pistol. As the hunters always do when they find weapons, they turned the firearms over to Memphis police.

“People really didn’t want these guns to be found, and that’s the main preface of this,” Britain Lockhart said, “We’re trying to get those items out of the river and bring them to law enforcement, bring them wherever they need to go that could potentially help solve a cold case.”

Whether the weapons found in the canal near Winchester and Knight Road will help solve a case remains to be seen.

“Just a crazy day out exploring,” Lockhart said.

This is the first time all four of these adventurers have teamed up, and they chose the canal they searched today because of its length.

“This canal runs for almost five miles,” Lockhart said.

Each man is from a different part of the country, including West Tennessee native Riley Bryant, who lives in Fayette County. Like the other hunters, he travels the country and searches for whatever he can find by using shovels, metal detectors and powerful magnets. Each adventurer shares his finds on YouTube.

The men also say they try to clean the environment by picking up trash they find.