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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A group of scavenger hunters have uncovered yet another patch of weapons in a Memphis waterway. 

Wednesday evening, Britain Lockhart said he and his friends found a gun, 21 knives and four phones in a canal near Barron and Getwell.  

He alerted University of Memphis police since the group entered the canal on campus. 

“I think that gun has probably been in there close to, I’d say, a couple of weeks,” Lockhart said. 

Lockhart, who’s from Atlanta, says he and his friends have been travelling the country for years using magnets to find items in waterways. He then posts footage to his Youtube account “Depths of History.”  

Britain Lockhart (facing camera) shows officers the weapons and other items he and a friend found in a canal near the University of Memphis on Wednesday.

“This is what we do. We just love picking up trash, finding things that could help solve a case potentially,” he said. 

In March, the group found a number of guns in Parkway Village, which they also turned over to police.  

Over the years, they say their finds have helped solve crimes. 

“He find a safe that actually helped solve a robbery case. I’ve found over a hundred guns. He’s found a bunch of guns too,” Lockhart said referring to one of his friends.  

Lockhart said he’ll be in Memphis for the rest of the week hunting for items of interest in other waterways.