Tow truck driver describes shooting during dangerous job in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A tow truck driver is telling his story after he was shot at while repossessing a vehicle in North Memphis, and he says cases like this happen too often.

Video from the back of the tow truck captured flashing lights — gunfire — off Olympic Street earlier this week.

The driver, who asked us to just call him Jereme, explained what happened.

“Pulled up, went to repossess the vehicle, and whenever I did, you know, the guy come outside. He had a gun in his hand. Didn’t pay no attention to it, I’m used to it in Memphis,” he said. “Of course I made sure it was my vehicle, picked it up. Well they took off inside and whenever they came back outside that’s when they started shooting.”

They fired at least a dozen shots. But things didn’t stop there — the people pulling the trigger jumped in another car and followed him.

As Jereme continued driving, he came across a police officer, and told the officer what was going on.

The officer was able to stop Terrion Gibson and Anjerracle Jones, arresting them on aggravated assault charges.

As scary as this case is, Jereme has been through worse. He says last year he was shot in the leg towing a vehicle.

“It come through the door, in the seat, in my leg and in the dash,” he said.

And he shared with us a video from June that shows another angry man ramming his tow truck, trying to knock off a vehicle.

Jereme isn’t the only one attacked this week for just doing his job with similar circumstances.

Police say a woman was arrested in Whitehaven after she attacked a security guard trying to tow her car. That woman, Braesha Watkins, is now looking at charges.

Repossessing and towing vehicles might be a dangerous job, but after working behind the wheel for more than 20 years, Jereme says he’s not stopping anytime soon.


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