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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Authorities said they are investigating the death of toddler as a homicide.

Officers responded to the 4000 block of Ridge Drive in Hickory Hill on December 1 after receiving a call about a male toddler that was unresponsive. The child was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators later learned the child suffered from multiple internal injuries. The case has been classified as a homicide.

The news of his death comes hours after the Hernando DeSoto Bridge glowed red, white and black in honor of those killed in Shelby County.

This child now one of the dozens to die in the city this year.

“We’ll continue to wipe tears and we’ll continue to pursue justice, but we can’t fill the holes,” said Shelby County district attorney Amy Weirich.

Sandy Bromley, Director of the Shelby County Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center, calls this case heartbreaking.

“Our homicides are at record rates and that includes entirely too many children being killed,” Bromley said. “And to know that the entire family has now been impacted.”

Bromley says their grief and trauma is likely compounded.

“In addition to the trauma that crime victims face we’re now in a constant state of environmental trauma,” Bromley said. “So, we are facing a lot with COVID. Being isolated, suffering from the lack of human connection, sometimes being out of work.”

She encourages families to seek free guidance and help from places like Kindred Place and Alliance Health Care. You can reach Kindred Place at 901-276-2200 and Alliance Health Care’s COVID Behavioral Health Assistance Hotline at 844-507-0144.

No arrests have been made. If you know anything about this case, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.