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(Memphis) Every year over three hundred thousand people are hurt in drunk driving accidents. Over sixteen thousand people are actually killed by them.

The Tennessee Department of safety knows DUI accidents are totally preventable and have taken some drastic steps to cut those numbers down.

You’ve probably seen the signs above the interstate that show the number of people who have been killed in car crashes on Tennessee roads this year. Next week, DUI checkpoints will be held throughout the state to see if that campaign has had any impact on Tennessee roads.

Uzell Bowen, Sr. thinks DUI checkpoints are a great idea and help keep the roads safe.

“I’ve done it. Drinking and driving thinking you won’t hurt anybody, but I do know people get hurt from drunk drivers,” said Brown.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and others offices will hold police checkpoints Thursday May 31st across the state.
Here in Shelby County there will be two check points. The first at Kirby Woods between Reese and Raleigh LaGrange, and the second at Hacks cross and Winchester.
Shelby County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Chip Washington says they are telling people where the check points will be because they are not for enforcement purposes.

“It’s for research,” said Washington.

The checkpoints will gauge how effective the state’s ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign has been along with the use of interstate signs to show the number of traffic fatalities.

“This isn’t about trying to catch people. This isn’t about trying to trap people. This is about keeping people safe. That’s what this is all about,” said Washington.

The fact that the checkpoints will cost tax payers $200,000 doesn’t faze Allison Bennett.

“If it were my family on the road and it was $200,000 that saved my family’s lives then I think it’s worth it,” said Bennett.

This weekend is Memorial Day which kicks off the summer driving season which means more people will be on the road, and Washington wants to remind everyone driving that getting a DUI could not only land you in jail it could also kill someone in the process.

“We’re watching you and we want to make sure you are safe. They whole point of this is to make sure we don’t have to deal with fatalities,” said Washington.