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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman’s vacation to Memphis was ruined by thieves Friday.

Shannon Jefferson came to The Bluff City to see the Lorraine Motel, but her trip went nothing like she planned.

Thieves stole all four tires and rims of her rent-a-car overnight while it was sitting in the parking lot of the Central Station Hotel on South Main.

“I’m just devastated. I feel so violated,” Jefferson said.

Instead of having fun Friday, Jefferson spent the day talking with police, hotel management and the rent-a-car company.

“The $500 deductible I have to pay through my insurance,” Jefferson said, “Oh, and I’m paying $25 a night for parking.”

Sadly, there are no pictures of the thieves. The hotel’s general manager says the parking lot doesn’t have security cameras.

The hotel does have guards who patrol on foot 24/7 but what happened to Jefferson’s rent-a-car was clearly missed, and she says there needs to be more measures in place.

“I just fear for everyone else’s safety,” Jefferson said, “I kind of got away with just the tires but I would hate to see it be something else.”

According to MPD crime stats, there have been 25 car break-ins within a mile of the hotel since May, but only two cases of vehicle parts being stolen.

Central Station management says nothing like what happened to Jefferson has happened at the hotel since it opened in October.

“I wouldn’t take anything from anyone,” Jefferson said, “For you (thieves) to come up and do this to someone you have no morals.”

WREG talked with an employee with the rent-a-car company who says the tires and rims are worth roughly $900 a piece.