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BURLISON, Tenn. — Tipton County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for the latest cigarette bandits in our area.

The three suspects took off with as many packs as they could after breaking into a gas station in Burlison.

At up to $5 a pack, it adds up.

The suspects were caught on camera coming through a rear entrance at the Highway 59 Express in Burlison.

Deputies say they broke the glass to make their way into the business early last Sunday morning.

“Scary, we live right up the road, so it’s scary to think people are stealing, breaking in,” said Brandy Huffman.

Surveillance video shows the trio narrowing in on their target: cigarettes — all three shoving the packs into their bags.

“I just wish stuff would kind of quit like this,” said customer Nicholas Shelton.

Deputies say the alarm triggered around 3 a.m., but the burglars were out of sight by the time they got there.

“This place is usually quiet and peaceful,” said Shelton.

The Tipton County Sheriff’s office said they don’t often hear of people specifically targeting cigarettes but in Memphis, it’s been a different case.

Police reported last week three men robbed cigarette delivery truck drivers in East Memphis.

And a couple months before that, over $12,000 worth of cigarettes were reported stolen from a Memphis Sam’s Club and a cigarette truck driver was ambushed at a gas station at Mt. Moriah and Park.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said customer Brian Kellum.

Customers said it’s important to search for these suspects but also get to what’s sparking the crime.

“Somebody’s got to be buying them,” said Kellum. “You got to almost look for that.”

If you have any information about this incident, you’re asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division in Tipton County at (901) 475-3300.