Tippah County, Mississippi copes with 11 coronavirus cases


Digital generated image of macro view of the corona virus. (Getty Images)

TIPPAH COUNTY, Miss. — The latest numbers out of Mississippi show there are 320 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Magnolia State, with 11 of those in Tippah County.  

That’s 11 cases in a county that only has a population of a little over 20,000.

Hope Joshlin, who operates Double C Thrift Store in Ripley, Mississippi, was pouring on the hand sanitizer Tuesday. Joshlin says her business is staying open but she has noticed fewer people on the streets.

“Well, they’re slowing down and rightfully so,” she said. “You know they don’t want to put their self at risk, especially us old folks. But they’re out for their daily essentials that they need.”

Tippah County officials are hoping citizens will follow CDC guidelines.

Restaurants in Ripley have gone to drive-through and curbside service only, but businesses are feeling the pinch as more positive coronavirus cases are being reported.

“It’s just been a hard pill to swallow, to be honest with you,” said Joe Morton, owner of Mid-South Medical Supply in Ripley.

“We sell and rent medical equipment and supplies for folks to use in the home while they’re recovering,” he said.

Morton says customers are requesting two products in particular: gloves and masks.

“We still have some gloves, but we’re completely out of masks and have been,” Morton said.

There is no stay at home order in Tippah County.


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