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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – When you turn 105, there may not be a lot you want for your birthday, but a Mississippi woman had one wish: to meet former NFL player Tim Tebow.

After her story made news last week, he granted her wish.

For four years, Cora Belle Edison’s caretaker, Gilda Crawford, has been trying to get the attention of Tebow. She said Edison has always admired Tebow’s talent and devotion to his religion. After the story aired on WJTV last week, it caught the attention of Tebow’s team.

This weekend, Edison celebrated her birthday with her family, and the highlight was a special message from Tebow.

“Hey, Mrs. Edison. It’s Tim Tebow. I wanted to make this video and to say happy birthday. I know last Tuesday you turned 105 years old and that is so incredible,” he said.

Tebow continued, “I also know we have a lot in common. I know that you have five children, and I’m the baby of five, so we have that in common, and I know that you were a nurse, and you love helping people and that’s also what I feel called to do. But most importantly, I know that you love the Lord, which is most important.”

The two may be separated in age by more than 70 years, but they share a connection through faith.

“I know that you have left such a legacy with so many people in the way that you have given, in the way that you have shared, in the way that you have cared, and the way that you have loved. But most importantly, you’ve done all of those things because you love Jesus, because he first loved us. So I want to say happy birthday, but I also want to say congratulations on leaving such an impact.”

Crawford said Edison was grateful for the message.

“This is wonder. This is for her. I did everything I needed to do for her,” said Crawford. “God bless you, and I really hope i get the chance to see you and give you a hug. But even if I don’t get a chance here on Earth, I know I will, and I look forward to that day.”

Crawford said if this is the last birthday memory for Edison, she’s thankful it could be this one.