Tigers begin camp with quarterback competition

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the last five years at Memphis the quarterback position has been held by a pair of All-Conference standouts in Paxton Lynch and Riley Ferguson. But this year, the spot under center is up for grabs.

“The good thing is you see competition and the cream is going to rise to the top. If there was only one guy and there was no one there to push him and help elevate his game. Then I think there could be some real problems,” said coach Mike Norvell.

“I think every year there is going to be competition and that is part of the game. It’s part of the position and the aspect of football that I love. I love competing. You are not going to be given anything, it’s got to be earned,” said Brady White.

“It’s pressure but I’ve worked really really hard and once you understand that then you have a confidence to yourself to where nothing can really phase you,” said David Moore.

The battle is down to two. Will it be Arizona State transfer, Brady White?

“I want the job extremely bad, you play the game to play. I came here to play ball,” said White.

Or will it be the dual threat in the pocket, Moore?

“I’ve worked my entire for this moment right here really. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. It’s been the only thing on my mind for the past couple months, is getting this shot. As it has been closing in, I dang near dream about it,” said Moore.

For White, it’s been a long journey to get here. Out of high school he was ranked the 54th player by Rivals.com. But a foot injury in 2016 kept him out for essentially the last two seasons. Leading to his transfer to Memphis.

“I feel like this is what I was born to do, to play this position. And even the injury was a blessing in disguise cause it gave me opportunities like this,” said White.

As for Moore, he’s been with the program the last two years, and is ready for his chance to lead this team.

“I think I can run the offense the way it was truly meant to be ran by coach Norvell, in terms of the full grasp of the offense because I can stand in the pocket deep 60 yards, or throw underneath or I can run. I feel like that’s what I bring to the table in terms of options,” said Moore.

Oh and as for when the decision will be made?

“I have no clue, as a player you have no control over that,” said White.

“I hope it’s before the first game so I know. But we will all know at the same time,” said Moore.

“I just leave those decisions to Norvell. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks. It’ll be interesting to see who wins,” said Drew Kyser.

“A lot of people ask when will I make a decision, well when the decision is made, it’s not really in my hands, it’s in the quarterbacks that are going to come out and compete everyday,” said coach Norvell.

Time will tell.

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