Three ways to keep your house cooler and utility bill lower this summer

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the Mid-South sweats it out in potentially dangerous temperatures, WREG’s Shay Arthur went looking for ways for you to stay cool and not break the bank when you get hit with your utility bill.

Marquee Hall, a specialty assistant store manager with Home Depot, said his store has been busy because of the heat, with people looking for AC units, fans and more.

He showed us some popular ways to keep your home cool.

One was window film, a thin film that you put over your window that reflects the sun back out of your house so it keeps your house cool. Hall said that product runs about $35.

Hall says the key to keeping your bill low is proper maintenance on your AC unit.  He recommends a foam coil cleaner, which costs about $6.

“Basically this keeps your unit clean so it runs more efficiently. The more efficient it runs, the cooler your house is going to become,” he said.

The most popular item Home Depot has to keep homes cool is air filters, Hall said. They run anywhere from $8 to $20 and are another way of running your house really efficiently and keeping that price down low.

“We try to keep it so that people can actually afford their utility bill throughout the summer you know?” Hall said.


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