Three Teenagers Shot After Southaven Party

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(Memphis) Two 16-year-old girls were shot at a party in Desoto County. The bullets started flying Saturday night when security tried to break up the rowdy crowd.

The shootings happened at the Southaven Tennis Center, a facility that is often rented out for parties.

News Channel 3rReporter Sabrina Hall and photographer Robert Southgate found four shell casings at the scene the next day.

“I just saw everybody running and racing to their cars,” said Shemeka Hill, who lives across the street from the tennis center.

Hill says she’s lived in the Southaven neighborhood for more than 20 years and never seen a party there end like this.

“Nothing like that ever happens out here,” she said.

Police say a party with well over a hundred teenagers ended with two teenage girls getting shot, someone getting sideswiped by the getaway car and a teenage boy, who attended the party earlier, getting shot later that night in Horn Lake.

“I hope no one did get seriously injured,” said Southaven resident Cheyenderick Rainey.

Southaven police say everyone is going to be OK after this violence that started as rowdiness.

They say earlier in the night, someone had called police to help tone the party down.

“You could hear it and you could see a lot of people conjugating outside by their cars and there were cars speeding up and down the road right here,” said Rainey, on Freeman Lane.

Police left after checking on the party, but then sometime later, they say private security at the party decided the crowd was getting out of hand again and told everyone it was time to go home.

That’s when police say a group headed out in a black car fired gun shots back into the crowd.

Police say the bullets hit two 16-year-old girls: one in the leg, the other in her backside.

News Channel 3 eporter Sabrina Hall handed over the shell casings she and her photographer found to the detective on the case and drew a map of where they found them.

“Would that make sense?” asked Hall.

“Yeah,” said the detective.

He says it makes sense those bullets are connected to the violence that isn’t often seen on that side of Southaven.

Police say the third shooting victim was also a 16-year-old who showed up at a hospital in Horn Lake with a gunshot wound.

Police say they have suspects in this case and will be conducting interviews later this week.

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