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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three adults were taken into custody this week after detectives executed a search warrant at an alleged drug home in Memphis.

The raid happened Tuesday in the 8200 block of Glen Way Cove in Cordova.

Detectives said they knocked and announced their presence before making their way inside. Once through the doors, several individuals reportedly started running, including their target Cameron Bell. He reportedly ran out the back doors and jumped the fence as detectives tried to corral the other individuals.

One person who didn’t get away was the suspect’s little brother, Gavin Bell.

Gavin Bell reportedly confessed to being a courier for his older brother. He even told detectives that right before they arrived he’d made a run to pick up more than a pound of marijuana near Bolton High School.

Cameron Bell reportedly paid his brother $1,000 for the job.

As for older Bell brother, authorities said they later discovered that he was hiding at his girlfriend’s home.

Both Cameron Bell and Sydnie Nickelson, who reportedly had two THC vials in her purse, were taken into custody.

All three suspects are facing drug-related charges. Cameron Bell was also charged with evading arrest.