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(Panola County, MS) Investigators in Panola County have made arrests in the Friday night football shooting that took the life of a North Panola High School student over the weekend.

What’s more disturbing is how investigators say the incident started, and they say it may not end soon.

Three Panola County men face capitol murder charges in the weekend shooting at a football game between North Panola and Tunica.

But what’s more disturbing, authorities say, is this murder’s ties to increased gang activity.

The murder of 15-year-old Roderick Bobo has Panola County authorities vowing law enforcement saturation to fight a growing gang problem they say is responsible for the teenager’s death.

District Attorney John Champion said, “It doesn’t get any more serious than what we’re looking at right now, because our schools are supposed to be a haven for safety.”

Champion said football games are supposed to be fun and safe.

But he blamed some kind of grudge between two gangs for the gunfire, which killed Bobo and wounded two others, that erupted at the football game.

Dante Darious McNeil, Quintarious Lashard Mabry and John Germaine Haines all face capital murder charges in the shooting.

Another man, Kevin Durell Motley, was found shooting at a nearby elementary school and charged with having a gun on campus.

Investigators said that incident and a fight involving two men at a local nightclub could also be connected to the football shooting.

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said heavy security at the game had no effect.

“We had everything concentrated around the football field,” he said. “We had plenty of help. We feel this would have happened no matter where the police were. They were sending a message.”

And now he and the district attorney have a message for the gangs.

“If it takes saturating high crime areas, if it takes going to Pope one night, Crenshaw the next night, to wherever it needs to be, to be a huge police presence, then that’s what we’re gonna do,” Champion said.

How did Bobo end up the target?

Investigators say he was hanging out with a group with strong gang ties.