Three local coronavirus patients say they’re doing better


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG checked in on several coronavirus patients who are being treated, and found out how they were recovering.

Jeanette Hollowell is the Olive Branch Realtor who told us last week about the pain of fighting the coronavirus.

She said she felt rotten, like her flesh could come off of her bones any minute. Her ears hurt, legs hurt, her fingers hurt, her back hurt.

When we reached Hollowell by phone Wednesday, she said she was still in Baptist Memorial Hospital in isolation. She said she felt better, but we noticed she still had a cough.

We never got to find out when she might be released.

She was rushed to the hospital last Monday and got the results Wednesday that she had COVID-19. Friends say she developed pneumonia in both lungs.

The 26-year-old college student from Washington who talked with WREG after coming home to Memphis and discovering she had coronavirus said she’s been in her house for five days, mostly in her room.

She said her symptoms started out minor.

“The first symptom was a sore throat, and it was just a sore throat, and then a few days later it turned into a cough,” she said.

When we contacted her Wednesday, she said she is doing better and has been released from quarantine, meaning she is free to move about — as much as she is allowed with the new “stay in place” restrictions issued by the city.

And the Hernando Police Department communications worker who wrote about her coronavirus experience on Facebook also spoke with us by phone last week, describing how sick she was.

She said she threw up as soon as she walked in the door at home, and was throwing up blood each time and she threw up more and more.

Her tests at the clinic showed she didn’t have the flu, so she continued to work at the police department until she couldn’t anymore. She went to the ER where she found out it was coronavirus last Tuesday.

She posted on Facebook that she has been under government quarantine and had not been outside of her bedroom since she got out of the hospital.   

She now says she is recovering, but she is still not fine and had a ways to go.

The Hernando Police Department took several precautions after that communications worker came down with the virus. At last report, no other workers there had tested positive.

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