Three 6 Mafia rapper DJ Paul reaches out to kids with special needs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Known for his lyrical artistry, dark melodies, sinister lyrics and Dirty South beats, one of Three 6 Mafia’s founding members, DJ Paul, sent a special gift to help some special kids in Shelby County.

The Memphis rapper who has a way with words wanted to spread the word about his online auction of Three 6 Mafia audio equipment and clothing to raise money for the Shelby County Shrine School.

The school is for kids with special needs, which has a connection to the rapper, who also happens to have a disability.

“The reason why I’m doing this man for one is because I grew up with a hurt on (disability) myself and I know how hard it can be to get jobs and different things you got to go through that those kids are going to have to go through,” DJ Paul said.

DJ Paul and Three 6 Mafia have had countless hit records and even won an academy award for the song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” from the movie “Hustle & Flow.”

But Paul is likely winning over new fans at the Shrine School in Memphis.

Inside the school gym, WREG was there when Principal Dr. Charlie Reese surprised the students, teachers and staff by presenting a check for $3,000 sent from DJ Paul.

It’s not everyday you hear from an award-winning musician, but it’s why the DJ Paul gift is resonating through the Shrine School hallways.

The Shrine School is a Pre-K through 12th grade school and has about 151 students ages three to 21 years old .

Dr. Reese says he was surprised when word about DJ Paul and the Shrine School began trending on social media.

“He and I got on the phone and started talking. He’s a spiritual guy and loves children and shared with us he also has a disability,” Dr. Reese said.

The money raised will mean the school will be able buy a new PA system to be used for the school prom, basketball games and graduation.

“He said I had to reach back and do something for my community, especially for a child who may have been overlooked,” Dr. Reese said.

But students are now getting even more attention. School counselor Charisma Shelton says that means a lot.

“We cater to a special needs population and the children here are dear to our hearts, but just to have someone in that capacity, famous say we’re going to do something for the Shrine School warms my heart,” Shelton said.

And this week another message to WREG from DJ Paul who’s in living in California.

“Alex, Alex. what’s up man? It’s your boy, DJ Paul. I just wanted to thank you and the whole city,” DJ Paul said.

DJ Paul, a legendary rapper who’s gesture means more than just words.

“Hopefully that will help out the school in some kind of way. We’ll be doing this again next year, Alex. Thank the whole city of Memphis. I love ya’ll…Mafia!!”DJ Paul said.

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