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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s inevitable: you clean the floors, then here come the kids or the dog with dirty feet.

The Clean Step Mat claims to absorb dirt by just stepping on it, keeping your floors clean and dry.

But Does It Work?

Nikki Landry is a new homeowner who is battling the muddy dog paw war with her adorable puppy Bella.

“It’s crazy. I can see everywhere that she has been in the house just by her paw prints alone,” Nikki said.

Rain often turns Bella’s big backyard a bit muddy, which keeps Nikki busy.

“I’m mopping about six to eight times a day because I can’t stand little paw prints!” she said.

She hopes the Clean Step Mat can save her time and allow her to ditch the sponge mop and dirty water.

The mat comes in one size (18 x 28) with a no-slide rubber bottom.

Nikki placed the mat at the back door, then took Bella outside for a run around the backyard, making sure those paws were good and muddy.

Can the Clean Step Mat absorb dirt like magic?

Nikki took Bella back outside to get even muddier, then brought her back in, and no paw prints.

We did notice a little water on the floors, but Nikki wasn’t concerned.

Landry told us, “I’d take water over mud any day! Water can evaporate, mud leaves a mark!”

Clean Step Mat, you passed the Does It Work test!