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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thou shalt not steal.

It’s one of the big ones, but apparently it doesn’t count as long as you do it across the street from a church.

A woman was caught on camera, hanging out in a church parking lot while waiting on the mailman to visit the office across the street.

“Running to the mailbox, getting the mail, and running back to the car,” described Rose Turner.

Turner was on staff at local 1529, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

Grocery store workers send their union dues to her at the Macon Road Office, but when her mailbox kept staying empty, Rose had a talk with the mailman.

“They said we put the mail in the box,” she said. “But people started calling asking did you get my letter? Did you get my dues?”

All of it was going to the mystery woman caught on camera disappearing in the neighboring church parking lot.

Eureka Mathis was indicted for taking the checks back to her southeast Shelby County home, changing the names and then cashing them with help from a dozen others.

She had been doing this months.

More than $300,000 in Union dues were cashed, often times at Kroger by the same union workers she was allegedly robbing.

The following people were also charged Wednesday along with Mathis:

  • Khiyenne Tarinee Daniel, 20, Memphis
  • Iesha Lazaira Davis, 24, Memphis
  • Crystal Lynette Dennis, 40, Memphis
  • Paul Anthony Dowdy, 25, Memphis
  • Zakiyyah Lateefah Fitzgerald, aka Zakiyyah Adams, 38, Memphis
  • Christopher La Renza Gathright, 23, Memphis
  • Larry Joseph Lennix Jr, 24, Memphis
  • Marcus T. Simmons, 25, Memphis
  • Candice Cammille Starks, aka Candice Gaither, 36, Memphis
  • Dorsett Starks, 28, Memphis
  • Tischinna Amon Walton, 19, Memphis
  • Lonell D. Weeks Jr., 39, Memphis

When asked about the indictment, a spokesperson for Kroger said, “Kroger Delta Division is grateful for the diligent work of our Loss Prevention Department, Organized Retail Crime Unit and the United States Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Tennessee. We will support the efforts of our federal government in this investigation.”