Thieves target two Walgreen stores with a blow torch

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Bandits leave yet another hole in the drive-thru of a Memphis Walgreen's pharmacy window.

Glass melted away and a gaping hole was left behind after crooks made that hole to get inside the pharmacy.

"The way things are going these days crooks are becoming more innovative with what they do. Merchants are becoming more aware too so they have to change their tactics also,"said Charles Nabor who works at Roy Good Hardware.

It’s the second time in seven days that crooks have used blow torches to melt the drive-thru window and break into the stores.

"It’s sad to see they go through any length to take something that belongs to someone else," said Good.

The first time this happened was last Thursday at the Walgreen's on East Shelby Drive. This week, it was the same story but at the Walgreen's on Walnut Grove and Forrest Hill Irene.

"A regular hardware store is just not where you buy those particular products at," said Nabor.

He said they would be skeptical if anyone were to come in and request an industrial blow torch.

"I probably would send you somewhere else unless you told me who you work for. I doubt if I would just order it for you."

Nabor said if the crooks keep it up, merchants and business owners will have to out smart the bad guys by making use of deterrents such as fire proof glass or sensors.

"When you hear it more and more the thought becomes I got to come up with something to help these people keep their products."

In last week’s case the drive-thru wasn’t armed with an alarm and surveillance cameras were not pointed towards that window.


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