Thieves target churches throughout Lafayette County


LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. — Thieves have targeted several houses of worship, stealing valuable musical instruments and electronics.

Resurrection House Of Prayer was one of several churches burglarized by thieves. Pastor Alice Blackmon said she and the congregation are counting on the lord to touch the hearts of thieves who stole from the church sanctuary.

“The Hammond organ, the Leslie speaker, and a keyboard,” Blackmon said. “All of this was empty and gone.”

Thousands of dollars in equipment paid for by church members was stolen. Whoever is responsible damaged the front doors of the church, but Pastor Blackmon said there is one positive note.

“They didn’t want to take everything that was in the building. So, I feel that they somewhat fear God,” Blackmon said.

Resurrection House of Prayer is not the only church in Lafayette County reporting a break in, at Jordan Chapel C.M.E. Church someone broke in and took a 53-inch television from the community room.

The crime was disturbing to long-time member Lynette Johnson.

“It’s a shame for people to break into churches and get stuff that we have worked so hard for,” Johnson.

Deputies said churches in three communities reported break-ins, and are hoping someone comes forward with information that could lead to arrests. A sad state of affairs said Pastor Lee Robinson, his church was not one of those hit, but wonders if anyone can stay safe.

“Even when doors and stuff are locked, people are still able to break in, and this concerns me.” Robinson said.

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