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(Memphis) Radio DJ Ron Olson said his ride into work was anything but ordinary Friday.

Olson saw a truck crashed into the AT&T store in the 6200 block of Poplar.

“I whipped the car into the parking lot and the only thing I could think to do was to honk the horn and make some noise because there wasn’t an alarm going off anybody could hear,” Olson explained.

He said the robbers looked like store clerks stocking the shelves, but he knew something was wrong when he noticed their all black attire and white face masks.

When they saw him honking, they started running.

“They couldn’t stand that so they ran out the door. I Decided to chase them which probably wasn’t my best move. But things just happened so quickly,” said Olson.

It turns out electronics were not the only thing they took.

Germantown Police say the thieves stole two city vehicles, crashing one of them into the phone store.

The truck that crashed through the store was one of the stolen vehicles.

The second vehicle is still missing as are tools from the Germantown Public Service Complex.

That missing car is a white Ford f-350 truck with the Germantown seal on it and license plate 2005-GA.