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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just hours before Christmas, one local family lost their car and their best friend.

“Not on Christmas Eve, that’s not a good present,” said Amy Hill.

“We had some Christmas presents in the back that got stolen too,” added Hill.

For them, the presents are replaceable. This family said thieves took something far more valuable than any vehicle or any gift from them.

“We want the dog back. We aren’t too worried about the car but we want our dog back,” said Hill.

For three years, Morty’s wagging tail warmed the holidays — without him this year, things have turned cold.

“I really wish they would know that was my little girl’s dog and he was part of our family,” said Hill.

Hill said her Boston Terrier and pug mix Morty was sleeping in the car. Hill said she stepped away from the car for a moment, and that’s when the car was stolen. Hill returned to find Morty gone too.

The family lives in Brighton but Marty was taken from Whitten Road in Memphis.

“Christmas was just not the same this year. We cried. It was just horrible,” said Hill.

“I just miss him, I just miss my dog,” said Skylar English.

The family has plastered pictures of Morty all over social media, hoping to catch the right person’s attention. Hoping their furry friend will return so they can hear his bark one more time.

“I just want him home, so we can be happy again,” added English.

Happy and complete again, that’s their one holiday wish.