Thieves ransacked home while owner was alseep, then break into several cars

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Northeast Memphis man feels violated after brazen thieves ransacked his home while he was asleep.

It happened around 4 a.m. in a neighborhood near Raleigh Lagrange and Summer.

"They literally were three feet away from my bedroom door," said Adam Hogan.

Hogan said he, his girlfiend, roommate and their pets were sound asleep in his home on Oldfield Drive.

Hogan said his girlfriend was the first to wake up and see the damage. Every cabinet, drawer and even the fridge were ransacked.

"She started looking around, and goes into the kitchen and all of her cabinets are open. Then she comes out in the driveway and notices her car is gone, and she just kind of loses it," said Hogan.

The car, flat screen and an engagement ring all gone.

Unfortunately, Hogan forgot to turn on his alarm, but said his system clocked the suspects walking into his side door at 4:04 a.m. and leaving 22 minutes later.

"Why didn't I wake up? Why didn't the dogs start barking? I should have heard all this going on," said Hogan shaking his head.

Around the same time, at least six neighbors said their cars were broken into.

"Her car, my car and police officers said there was a house up the street," said Shina Carter.

She thinks it's the same thieves.

"The car door was just open. Everything was laid out on the floor," said Carter.

In all: a gun, GPS and more were reported stolen.

Even when the sun set, polcie were still taking reports.

"Completely violated. I mean the peace of mind is gone," said Hogan.

Police have yet to say if there are any possible suspects, or if they've made any arrests.

The stolen car is a 2004 White Chevy Cavalier with a dent on the driver's front side.

If you have any information, call Memphis Police.

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