Thieves hit flooded-out homes in Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As if folks in Frayser forced out by the flooding don’t have enough to worry about, some came home from the shelter Friday morning to find thieves broke into their flooded-out properties.

“Clothes, shoes, furniture and carpet,” said Latoya Cobbins, about some of her things that were ruined and sitting on the curb.

Dozens of families on Mountain Terrace couldn’t save much after a massive flood swallowed their neighborhood Thursday.

They never thought the little they had left would be taken by thieves.

“For them to know you’re already dealing with a flood, and for them to come in and take the rest of your belongings, it makes the kids feel bad and makes you feel bad as well,” said Cobbins.

She said two of her neighbors’ homes were broken into Friday night, even though they boarded up their windows and locked their doors before they left to go to a shelter.

One of the victims told WREG her children’s game system and games were stolen. The other home apparently had two flat screen TVs yanked from the wall.

“I think it’s pathetic. It’s tragic,” said Sharnicia Draper.

She said it’s all too familiar. Her home was hit by thieves during a flood last year. She said they took her TV.

Neighbors like James Bryant didn’t take any chances. Bryant didn’t get a wink of sleep last night as he stood guard protecting his home.

“I know these people will go inside your house, so I left the shelter and came on back to my house,” said Bryant.

As he and other families try to salvage the little they can this weekend, they know if they leave their homes criminals may come back.

“They will. If there’s a way, they will,” said Cobbins.

Memphis police said they are increasing patrols in the neighborhood to prevent looting.

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