Thieves hit cars near Southwest Tennessee Community College

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A rash of car break-ins near Southwest Tennessee Community College has students on edge when it comes to their safety.

Thieves broke into multiple cars surrounding the college early Saturday morning.

“Being here doesn’t seem as scary as, like, the reputation is, but when you start hearing these stories, you start believing it. You just got to be more careful,” Shayla Myricks said.

According to Memphis Police, around 5 Saturday morning, witnesses say they saw two males breaking into vehicles at the intersection of Beale Street and Myrtle Street and stealing items inside, right in front of the community college campus.

Police say surveillance video shows the entire crime happened in a total of 40 minutes.

Caroline Gilmore says, being a victim of a car break-in herself, she understands the fear.

“It felt kind of like violating to have some go through your stuff. It is kind of scary,” she said.

The report says a campus police officer was on scene but was helping students get inside to safety.

MPD says the two suspects left in two different cars: a small gray Pontiac and a white four-door Chevrolet.

Students say even though no one was hurt you can still never be too aware of your surroundings.

Both of the suspects are still on the run.

We reached out to campus police but were told to call back Monday.

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