Thieves break into Orange Mound church

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At Mount Moriah East Baptist Church, you’re encouraged to give, but that message was ignored by thieves who instead decided to take.

Police said they broke into the Orange Mound church on Haynes Street sometime between Sunday night and early Monday morning. The incident left church members wondering how anyone could be so bold.

“They was out of they mind. Something’s wrong with them,” one woman said.

“That’s the only thing (church) that brings us to freedom,” another woman said. “Hello? What is wrong with you people?”

Investigators said the thieves busted through one of the doors, ripped a TV off the wall and ransacked the pastor’s office. It’s unclear if anything other than the TV was taken.

Church leaders didn’t want to say anything on camera but told WREG the damage has been fixed.

As for those thieves, police are still looking for them, and while it may be wishful thinking, church members WREG talked with hoped they will bring what they took back to the church and ask for forgiveness.

We’ll let you know if an arrest is made in this case.

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