Thieves break into concession stand at Arkansas sports complex, use it as personal kitchen


WYNNE, Ark. — Police in Wynne, Arkansas, are trying to find thieves who broke into a concession stand at the city’s sports complex.

Investigators said the thieves broke a window and stole a bunch of items like drinks and candy. They even treated themselves to a meal by making nachos and popping popcorn.

Parks and Recreation employee Zach Morris discovered the damage Sunday morning while he was cleaning up storm debris.

“It was devastating,” Morris said. “The whole place was just looted.”

Despite the current pandemic, Morris said the stand was fully stocked.

“We were able to get some high school games in before COVID-19 shut all of it down,” he said.

Now with many of the restrictions lifted, teams are starting to come back. That includes the Wynne Junior High softball team, which can’t believe anyone would ransack the concession stand.

“It’s very upsetting. This is our city ballpark and we take pride in our facilities. We have great facilities.” Danny Glover, the father of a softball player, said. “It’s very sad someone would do that.”

Police posted pictures of the damage on social media and said they’re offering a small reward for information that leads to an arrest.

“We thought making a post like that would get people talking and have somebody step forward and give us some information,” Morris said.

It may be wishful thinking, but Morris hopes the culprits will confess.

“I don’t know if it was kids or an adult doing it, but the right thing to do is take responsibility for the mistakes you made,” he said.

Morris said his department is looking into installing security cameras at the stand. He also said someone tried to break into a shed at the complex several months ago but was unsuccessful.

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