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(Memphis) When you think of the Blue Suede Brigade, you probably think “blue suede shoes” but it turns out the downtown ambassadors haven’t had shoes like that in almost a decade!

Just this week though, they got a special shipment in the mail of blue suede shoes for each brigadier.

They walk the streets of downtown Memphis to answer any and all questions but for years, people have asked one question more than any other.

“Blue Suede Brigade, where are your blue suede shoes?” said Gaston Davis, the brigade manager.

“And I tell them we are going to find some but we are having trouble finding enough for everybody,” said Brigadier Johnnie Willis.

News Channel 3 even did a story about the dilemma back in July and shoe dealers tried to help out.

“They didn’t have the quantity and sizes that we wanted,” said Davis.

Then, just this month, Davis discovered a slew of the shoes on

“I ordered 30 pair for 15 people. Two pairs each.”

“Why is that?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Don’t want to run out,” laughed Davis.

It’s what happened more than 8 years ago when Nike, at the time, discontinued its blue suede. Now they’re back.

“I love these here. They are great” said Willis.

The shoes are great for walking and talking.

“I like greeting all the people that I meet from out of town,” said Willis.

And great for answering the question that’s long been asked:

“Where are your blue suede shoes?”

The answer will be on their feet.