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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who recently fought off a would-be carjacker is sharing his story with WREG. It’s a story we first told you about Monday when we obtained cell phone video of the incident.

It happened around 2:30 Monday afternoon when Rodger Cravens stopped at a Circle K on Winchester near Hacks Cross. The 47-year-old says he was on the passenger side of his Porsche putting air in his tires when other customers started yelling.

“All the sudden, I’m hearing people say hey, somebody just jumped in your car! I’m like what the heck?” Rodgers said, “He was able to get in my car and start my car because of this remote key because I’m sitting next to the car.”

Rodgers says he confronted the man before he could drive off and dove through the passenger side window when the man said he had a gun.

“Grabbed his hand and the gun and then with the other hand grabbed his pants and started pulling myself in through the window,” Rodgers said.

He says the man dragged him out of the vehicle where the two continued to fight until that gun fell to the ground.

“My mind went ok, it’s over,” Rodgers said, “Then, all the sudden, he’s like walking off and he’s got his gun again.”

Thankfully, an armed customer came to Cravens’ aid.

“He came out showing his weapon. The guy saw it and we were done,” Rodgers said.

Then, the would-be thief made a strange request.

“His shoe’s lost inside my driver’s seat and he asks me to return it to him and I’m like no, sorry guy,” Rodgers said, “I laughed and said no, that’s evidence.”

Missing that shoe, Cravens says the man jumped in a dark Honda Civic that quickly sped away.

“Thankful I’m okay,” Rodgers said.

He hopes police catch the bad guy soon.

“The guy didn’t seem like this was his first rodeo,” Rodgers said, “Hopefully, this gets him caught so he’s not doing it to somebody else.”

Police tagged that shoe for evidence and dusted Rodger’s car for prints. There’s also cell phone video of the incident taken by a witness. So, between all that, it would appear investigators have a lot to go on.