Thaddeus Matthews Goes Off Outside Courtroom

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(Memphis) Thaddeus Matthews is fighting several sexual exploitation of a minor charges.

Matthews posted a picture of a toddler involved in a very graphic sexual act with a grown man.

Memphis police are working to identify her and put Matthews behind bars.

He is out on $100,000 bond, and a judge continued his arraignment to November 30th so he can have representation.

“Did you hear what I said to you? Did all of you hear? You ran your stories the past couple of days and I ain't got another m***** f****** thing to say,” Matthews told reporters Friday.

But Matthews went on to say a lot more, just before he appeared before a judge on three child porn charges, “You made it about me. Now get the f***out of my face with that stuff!”

Matthews said Memphis Police have a vendetta against him.

He doesn't deny posting the picture to his Facebook page and website for the whole world to see, “I don`t give a f*** what y'all think about me one way or the other I don't give a damn."

Ultimately, this case is not about Thaddeus Matthews, it's about the little girl in the picture and making sure she is safe. 

The Child Advocacy Center says you can help keep her from being exploited by not opening or sending out the picture, or you could face a felony.

Unfortunately child porn is very prevalent.

According to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children twenty percent of all internet porn involves children, and over twenty thousand pictures of child porn are posted every week.

Matthews says if's he's charged then all the people who went to his website and Facebook page should also be charged, and he says there is no reason he should be under fire.

“Some would say you did it for the attention?” asked News Channel 3.

“G** d*** man! Do you not understand what they f*** I just said? Do you not understand what I just said? I don't need no mother f******attention!” said Matthews.

Police say you could face federal charges for sending the picture, and they can track who views the site.

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