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AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas woman, fed up with catcalls interrupting her daily run, is taking action.

Avid runner Anna Aldridge said during her workouts she gets sexually harassed by male drivers. She said the men yell, honk their horns and have even blown kisses at her along the way.

The annoying behavior gave her the idea to create a petition to get other women to speak up and even have the harassment outlawed in Austin. Aldridge said she hopes to make catcalling and sexual street harassment a ticketable or fineable offense.

“It’s difficult to catch,” she said. “I am definitely going to be running with a camera, and I hope all the other women in Austin will be running with a camera too. It stops with us, it’s got to be done.”

Aldridge has created a website to support her mission, and she is planning to meet with the city council soon.