Texas community mourns after church shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — The Texas church shooting that resulted in the deaths of 26 people has had a big impact on the people of Sutherland Springs.

It's a tight knit community. Everyone's heard of each other.

There's a common kinship. An unbreakable bond.

It's one that was certainly tested over the past 24 hours.

Living in Sutherland Springs is to live in a town where having little can leave you with a whole lot more.

"We're not incorporated. We just have love," said Beulah Wilson, a neighbor who lives near the church.

If you're looking for evidence of just how powerful love can be you need to look no further than Karen Comoeaux, Sutherland Springs resident.

Comoeaux is mourning 26 people that she doesn't even know- all who were killed in Sunday's shooting at The First Baptist Church.

"It's just so far reaching that you just ache for these families," said Comoeaux.

That pain is washing over the entire town of less than 400- staring at the doors of the church and seeping into the homes of townsfolk.

It's the pain that made it's first presence known in the form of gunshots.

"The first thing I did was grab my 380," said Virginia McMeans, a neighbor who heard gunshots. "I got ready if anybody comes busting through my door."

"My first thoughts are that, 'No, it's not- that can't be true.' It's unbelievable," said McMeans.

In the end, there is an unbelievable testament to an enduring bond.

"This has always been one community that always bonds together," said McMeans. "If anybody needed help we are there."

So many community members say they will still be here once all of the survivors are out of the hospital and need help coping with this.

A counselor is in town handing out cards, and people are trying to raise money for the families of those affected by this.

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