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NEW YORK — A Tennessee woman filed a lawsuit against NASA in order to keep what she claims is real moon dust given to her by Neil Armstrong.

Laura Cicco told CBS News Armstrong was friends with her father through aviation circles. After his historic moon landing, the astronaut gave her family a vial of the dust as a gift along with his signature.

Over the years, the moon dust was packed away in a box and didn’t see the light of day. That is until just recently when Cicco uncovered it in her parent’s home.

Now the question becomes is the moon dust real? If so, who does it belong to?

According to CBS News, NASA considers any lunar material to be their property and regularly tracks it down. Seeing that potentially happening down the road, Cicco first had the material tested.

The results were inconclusive. While the signature was real, scientists couldn’t determine where the dust came from.

Despite that, Cicco went ahead and filed a lawsuit against the space agency, hoping to prevent them from potentially trying to take it away.

NASA didn’t respond to a request for comment from CBS News.

However, space historian Robert Pearlman said the moon dust is most likely fake.  He said Armstrong didn’t give his own family any and reportedly knew better than to do so.