Tennessee sheriff’s office warns of ‘highly addictive’ substance sold on streets


Warning: Even just looking at these cookies could fuel your addiction. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

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BEDFORD COUNTY, Tenn. — It’s an epidemic sweeping the nation, products that may look harmless but could actually leave you unable to stop consuming them.

Deputies in Middle Tennessee are trying to find those responsible for this craze.

In a Facebook post, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office warned the “highly addictive culinary substance” is “peddled at various street corners” by girls who “lure you in with their innocent ‘for a good cause’ story.”

The deputies need to get their hands on this substance immediately…for the safety of the public, of course:

“The BCSO is investigating reports of a highly addictive culinary substance that is being peddled at various street corners in the county. It is predominantly being sold by young cute girls who then lure you in with their innocent ‘for a good cause’ story and then get you addicted to their product. If you happen to spot the dealers of these highly addictive items…report them immediately as we are running low.”


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