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COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) — Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles is calling on Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and the state’s General Assembly to immediately sever ties with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and the parent company of Google, Alphabet.

According to Mayor Ogles, the major tech companies “are systematically silencing and censoring millions of law abiding, patriotic Americans including millions of God fearing Tennesseans.”

In a letter to state government, Ogles said the companies “are waging war on freedom of speech and have taken the extraordinary step of deleting/censoring the President of the United States.”

“Whether one agrees or disagrees, whether one likes or dislikes Donald Trump he [sic] IS the POTUS and will remain so until January 20th, 2021,” said Mayor Ogles.

Ogles called out the companies saying they have “in a discriminatory manner, targeted Conservatives and Supporters of Donald Trump.”

He accused them of “conspiring and colluding” to the removal “of Parler from the internet.” Parler was removed last week from both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for violations of both companies’ respective terms of service.

“It is imperative that State Governments take immediate action and rebuke these companies and their actions. Tennesseans should not be forced to invest and support the very companies that are conspiring to silence them,” Mayor Ogles wrote, “Furthermore, the State of Tennessee should refrain from doing business with these companies by way of prohibition of advertising on Google, Facebook or Twitter and a prohibition of Amazon services until such time these companies admit their errors and remove said censorship and prohibitions from their respective platforms.”

Ogles noted a similar effort underway by Florida Representative Randy Fine in that state.

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