Tennessee dad surprises son at Taekwondo lesson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nine-year-old Luca Cesternino got a surprise on Monday that he won’t forget anytime soon.

Staff Sergeant Rob Cesternino was deployed overseas in May 2018. The father of six told WSMV in Nashville he talked to his youngest, Luca, every two weeks while overseas, but like any other parent away from their children, he missed all of them terribly. So when he had the opportunity to come home early, he jumped at the chance to see his family.

With cameras rolling, Cesternino quietly made his way into Luca’s Taekwondo class Monday. The boy was blindfolded and told he would be sparing with three instructors while blindfolded. After battling the third, his dad stepped in and began shouting encouragement at him, ultimately giving away that he was home.

Luca quickly pulled off his gloves and the blindfold and ran into his father’s arms. He then burst into tears.